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Application Visibility & Control   Prioritize applications with Layer 7 & Layer 8 Visibility & Controls
Cyberoam offers Application Visibility & Control with Layer 7 policies and reporting, preventing data leakage and sophisticated application-layer threats, including malware, phishing, botnets. The feature supports business applications, secure collaboration, Cloud and SaaS deployments with Layer 7 and Layer 8 identity-based policies

Cyberoam Application Visibility & Control feature offers complete visibility on which applications are being accessed within the organization and by which user, irrespective of their ports and protocols. This stops sophisticated application-layer threats right at the network perimeter, ensuring Application Security. Based on network access policies, users and their job roles, and time, it offers application control to organizations to accelerate business-critical applications, stagger non-critical applications, selectively accelerate socio-business applications and block undesirable applications to achieve the twin goal of Application QoS and optimal bandwidth utilization. Real-time network logs and reports further allow organizations to promptly re-set network settings for maximum security and productivity.

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Feature Feature Description Benefit
Application Security
Inbuilt application category database
Blocks anonymous proxies Eg. UItra surf
Prevents “Phone home” activities and keyloggers
Layer 7 & Layer 8 Visibility
Prevents sophisticated application-based threats
User and Time-based controls for Application Access
Controls usage of social applications Eg., Facebook, YouTube, iTunes, gaming, BitTorrent based on Time and Layer 8 Identity-based policies
Controls P2P applications, Eg. Skype and IM applications
Schedules non-critical applications during non-peak hours
Enables creation of White (Business-Critical), Black (Non-Productive), Grey (Social, Entertainment) application categories for prioritization
Enhanced productivity through flexibility
Balanced bandwidth usage
Supports business-critical applications
Ensures Application Security with comprehensive IM, P2P controls
Bandwidth Control for Applications
Prioritize bandwidth allocation to critical applications Eg. Salesforce, Sharepoint, CRM, ERP, etc.
Control bandwidth allocation to non-business applications
Delivers Application QoS
Ensures optimal bandwidth utilization
Layer 8 Identity and Bandwidth-based Application Control
Control application usage based on user, user group, source, destination and bandwidth
Supports bandwidth and user-critical applications Eg. VoIP
Enhanced productivity
Optimizes bandwidth usage