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Virtual Security   Security in virtualized environment
Cyberoam offers a complete virtual security solution – protection for virtualized networks, centralized management of hardware and virtual UTM appliances and logging & reporting solution for virtual networks.

Cyberoam virtual UTM appliances consolidate the industry-leading security features found in hardware Cyberoam UTM appliances in virtualized form to offer virtual security that is as comprehensive as security in physical networks. The virtual Cyberoam Central Console and Cyberoam iView software add to Cyberoam’s offering for virtualized environment with centralized management and logging and reporting features respectively.

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Key Highlights

Protection in virtual environments – Cyberoam virtual UTMs offer inter-VM traffic scanning along with granular firewall and security policies enforcement, eliminating the blind spots created by hardware security appliances in virtual networks. In cases where hypervisor management console is placed in live production virtual environment due to lack of segmentation within virtual environments, virtual networks are prone to attacks. Cyberoam enables administrators to segment Hypervisor Management Console into the DMZ and route all traffic through the virtual UTM for security against hypervisor vulnerabilities. The IPS and WAF features within the UTM ensure threat-free traffic and security from vulnerabilities in the virtualized web applications. In case of collapsed DMZ that results in loss of separation of duties, unlike in case of external security solutions where the solutions are placed on separate physical systems that create separation of duties by default, Cyberoam virtual UTM allows role-based administration, allowing separation of duties. Cyberoam virtual UTMs offer visibility and user-based access control in the virtualized environment, ensuring security in Zero Trust Networks.

Comprehensive virtual security – Cyberoam virtual UTMs consolidate multiple security functions viz. Firewall, VPN, Anti-Spam, Gateway Anti-Virus, IPS, WAF, Web Filtering, Application Visibility & Control and much more, in a single virtual UTM appliance.

Compliance Management – By securing traffic and data between and around the virtual entities, Cyberoam virtual UTMs help in meeting the regulatory requirements. In-depth logs and reports of activities in the virtual networks help organizations display compliance.

Centralized Management of virtual and physical appliances – The virtual Cyberoam Central Console allows organizations to manage their physical and virtual infrastructure over a centralized management console. The virtual CCC ensures centralized, consistent and quick security actions across networks.

Centralized Logging and Reporting – Cyberoam iView, available as software, offers in-depth logs and reports on activities in the virtual networks.